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Róisín Tangney

MA, MPhil, Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy, Diploma Candidate, CG Jung Institute, Zürich

I offer Jungian psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in English in person or online. I work with a wide range of issues, including depression, conflict, relationship difficulties, trauma, grief, anxiety, loss of meaning, spiritual crisis, and major life changes.

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My Approach

Jungian analysis is a depth psychological approach that seeks to reconnect you with your authentic inner self by examining your symptoms, relationship patterns, life events, dreams, fantasies, and images. In our work together, we give voice to the neglected parts of you and seek to uncover new potentials that will help you on your path to change. The Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue once wrote that 'We need to be mindful of where we are damaged, and then invite our deeper soul in its night world to heal this wounded tissue, renew us and bring us back into unity'. This beautiful image reminds us of the healing power of the unconscious and that we may kindly invite our wounds to reveal themselves by providing a supportive space.

I also offer sandplay as an adjunct to psychoanalysis. Developed by Dora M. Kalff, and based on Jungian psychology and Zen Buddhist philosophy, sandplay is a creative therapy that involves making pictures in a sandtray with miniature figures. Sand is the liminal space between the conscious and unconscious, the shores upon which dreams wash up. Many Westerners live a life dominated by left-brain activity and ignore or demean the irrational, creative, yin side of life. Sandplay work allows us to overcome the stasis of one-sided rational thinking, engaging the whole brain and accessing deep levels of the psyche. It has proven benefits in work with trauma, offering a non-verbal mode of expression for difficult emotions and experiences.

Finally, I treat each person who comes to see me as an individual - there is no one-size-fits-all model and together we can find a good way forward for you.

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